When Stone and Scott became Stone and Scott,

four poets in one book seemed to be an appropriate beginning.

Others followed. Lone Wolf Editions developed.

Then came a bit of serendipity:

A.Word.A.Day (See link at left) offered the word spoonerism.

That led to our publishing Stoopnagle's Tale Is Twisted by Keen James,

a revival of much-enjoyed spoonerized fables and tales

such as "Beeping Sleauty" and "Prinderella and the Since."

Click Stoopnagle's Tales (left column) for more information.

     There is a new look for the Lone Wolf Editions page — and some new titles are included.

     Clicking on "Works of William Wallis" on menu at the left will take you to a listing and a short description of ten titles that reveal the wide range of interests and talents of Bill Wallis. One view neatly presents the full picture.

     On each of those listings is a link that takes you to a fuller description. That allows easy navigation to what you want to see.

     The works include fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, each of which shows the appeal, the power, the beauty, the richness, the emotional and intellectual depths that the Wallis language reaches.

     We think, and hope, that you'll like the new look and get to titles you like.


We thank those who responded to
Three Books
from two other small presses.

  1. The Athletics of Voice: A Handbook for Students and Teachers of Singing Based upon the Theory and Practice of Master Voice Teacher Erwin Windward.

Friday sings about The Athletics of Voice from New Wind PressIt was written by Brad Newsom, who captured the essence of that highly successful method of voice training and published by New Wind Press.

(Go for that high C; click Athletics of Voice - left column)

  1. Web Songs, Poems by Shirley Windward

Yes, she is Erv's wife,  a woman of energy, insight, enthusiasm, creativity, and a wide range of learning, who writes a new poem - at least one - daily.

The current collection, published by New Wind Press, evokes multiple responses.

(Test the web she spins; click Web Songs (left column) and step into her parlor.)

We may have enough Voice books
to see us through the year.

Probably not Web Songs.

Seeing Solomon's Knot by Lois Rose Rose
  1. Seeing Solomon's Knot by Lois Rose Rose

The book, offering art, design, symbols, is a trail of discovery revealing images of an ancient and near-universal symbol.

(Get a picture of this treasure; point and click Solomon's Knot - left column.)


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