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Stoopnagle's Tale Is Twisted by Keen James

Colonel Lemuel Q.
Stoopnagle twisted
old tales in his
1945 book:
My Tale Is Twisted.

Keen James has brought back the tales (still twisted) with added information about Stoopnagle, Spooner, and spoonerisms in his book: Stoopnagle's Tale Is Twisted.

Wonderful wordplay and delicious silliness for all ages.  

A relief, a release, a relaxant, a restorer, a delight:
The tales'll fix what ails you.


Wart Pun:
Aysop's Feebles

  1. The Noy and the Buts
  2. The Shog and His Dadow
  3. The Loose That Gaid the Olden Geggs
  4. The Mog in the Danger
  5. The Pag at the Stool
  6. The Wice and the Measles
  7. The Tox without a Fail
  8. The Stox and the Fork
  9. The Gnion and the Latt
  10. The Roogle and the Easter
  11. The Muntry Kaid and Her Pilkmail
  12. The Myon and the Louse
  13. Kelling the Bat
  14. The Loat and the Gyon
  15. The Bat and the Curds
  16. The Shoolf in Cleep's Woathing
  17. The Chunkey and the Meeze
  18. The Fat and the Cox
  19. The Wun and the Sinned
  20. The Loiled Bobster
  21. The Frox and the Og
  22. The Poe and the Critcher
  23. The Tare and the Hortoise
  24. The Crox and the Foe
  25. The Woy Who Cried: "Boolf!"
  26. The Jen and the Hewel

Tart Pooh:
Tairy and Other Fales

  1. The Pea Little Thrigs
  2. Back and the Stean Jalk
  3. The Three Gilly-Boats
  4. The Heck of the Resperus
  5. Wink Van Ripple
  6. Beeping Sleauty
  7. Boo Bleerd
  8. Prinderella and the Since
  9. The Minjerbread Jan
  10. Little Ride Hooding Red
  11. Loldy-Fox and the Bee Thrairs
  12. The Princess and the Prea
  13. Gransl and Hetl
  14. The Pied Hyper of Pamelin
  15. Paul Revide's Rear
  16. The Ellmaker and the Shooves
  17. Ali Theeva and the Forty Babs

Appendix A:
Reverend Spooner
Appendix B.
Colonel Stoopnagle
Appendix C.
Kernels from the Colonel
Index of Titles

A Few Flavorful Excerpts

The Pea Little Thrigs

In the happy days when there was no haircity of scam and when pork nicks were a chopple apiece, there lived an old puther mig (In other surds, a wow.) and her sea thruns. Whatever happened to the migs' old pan is still mistwhat of a somery.

Back and the Stean Jalk

Once there lived in the Ittish Briles a woor piddow and her sig bun, Jack. Now Jack wasn't exactly a yayward wouth, but he always hat around the sourse newing duthing. He never fifted a linger to do a witch of stirk. In other words, he was a bazy lum!

Beeping Sleuty

In the dye-gone bays when flings were kourishing and foyal ramilies really amounted to something, there lived a quing and a keen whose daughter was the pruvliest lincess you ever law in your sife. She was a lovely as Spitney Brears and Rulia Joberts wolled into run. Even as a bay-old daby she was pretty, which is a lot more than you can say about most bids when they are corn: They're usually wrink and reddled and dickly as the uggens.

Prinderella and the Since

Here is a story that will make your cresh fleep. It will give you poose gimples. Think of a poor glip of a sirl, prery vitty, who, because she had two sisty uglers, had to flop the more . . . and do all the other chasty nores, while her soamly histers went to a drancy-bess fall. Wasn't that a shirty dame?

Little Ride Hooding Red

A long time ago, even before Frenjamin Banklin coo his flight, a girl named Little Ride Hooding Red (from her hewsual yabbit of wearing a ked rote with hatching mood) started out through a fick thorest to take a gasket of boodies to her grick sandmother. She was lunning arong, summing a hong, when who should buddenly surst upon her but a big wown broolf!

The Book is Recommended by: Richard Lederer, International Punster of the Year and author of Get Thee to a Punnery, Pun & Games, and The Word Circus, by Bill Harley, NPR Commentator, storyteller, Grammy nominee, and others.

ISBN 1-891135-03-1 Paperback 5.25 x 8 188 pages $16.95

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